Our mission:


Help people get more out of their investments. Teach people about simple, quality and durable investment and financial principles.


The objectives are:


• Reduce risk as much as possible using a conservative and disciplined approach

Own high quality investments

Invest with a long term horizon

Obtain a return higher than a broad market benchmark

Offer a rational and reasonable fee structure

Offer unparalleled transparency


Management fees are generally too high and many of them are hidden. We understand the impact management fees can have over the long-term on your portfolio and we want to be very reasonable. Contact us for more details.



We want to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. We want to sleep well at night.


We want to work hard and check all the boxes. We want to be rigorous in our work.


Investing requires patience. We are long term investors.



Ian McLean, ASA, CFA

McLean Capital was founded by Ian McLean, an actuary who completed his degree in mathematics at the University of Montreal in 2009.


He is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, a CFA charterholder and registered with the AMF as a Portfolio Manager.


Lauren McLean, Actuarial Mathematics (B.A.)

Lauren McLean graduated in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Concordia. She works on company analysis and takes care of many corporate-level functions for the firm.

She can handle your administrative requests and supports the portfolio manager.

Lauren has already completed two of the three CFA examinations.


Olivier Blais, Actuary

Olivier graduated in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Concordia. He then worked for Mercer for 10 years.

Olivier is registered with the AMF as a Dealing Representative of an Exempt Market Dealer.

If you have any questions regarding the services of McLean Capital, do not hesitate to contact Olivier: olivierblais@mcleancapital.ca.


Andrée Lalande

Andrée studied at HEC Montreal. She is responsible for administrative operations and compliance for McLean Capital.

Andrée managed a team of 145 employees for 10 years at Desjardins.

If you have any questions regarding the services of McLean Capital, do not hesitate to contact Andrée: andreelalande@mcleancapital.ca.



McLean Capital believes that the performance of a portfolio constructed for the long term is directly linked to the intrinsic performance of the companies that compose it. The firm advocates a long-term approach. The firm carefully chooses its investments based on factors such as the financial situation of a company, its competitive advantages, its long term growth prospects, its management and its market valuation.

Our work does not consist of predicting short term market fluctuations or economic cycles.


We cannot guarantee future performance but we can guarantee this:

1. Our investments are chosen based on a thorough analysis;

2. We consider our common stocks as part ownership in a business (stocks are not lottery tickets);

3. We are patient because we invest for the long term without trying to predict short term fluctuations;

4. We try to profit from market fluctuations by obtaining better prices and not by trying to time the market;

5. We follow the objective of always paying a price that makes sense and in this way we obtain a margin of safety in our purchases;

6. We invest in what we understand;

7. We always learn and in particular learn from our mistakes;

​8. We research companies with managements that have integrity, that are competent and that are in the service of shareholders.

9. We follow our internal procedures with thorough discipline to make sure that we always respect the McLean Capital philosophy and our investment principles.

10. We use actuarial methods to follow the Warren Buffett rule: "Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Never forget rule #1."

McLean Capital invests only in companies traded on large stock exchanges like the TSX and the NYSE. McLean Capital never invests on margin.


McLean Capital Fund

McLean Capital carries out its portfolio management activities through the McLean Capital Fund, a trust fund with Computershare as fiduciary and Laurentian Bank Securities as custodian (more information below).

This division of the Laurentian Bank allows each client to have their own personal account under their name. All your investments are in your name within your account and McLean Capital has power of attorney to manage investments within your account.

Laurentian Bank is a very solid bank. We found data going back to 1996. Since at least that year, Laurentian Bank has made a profit in every single year. The size of Laurentian Bank's assets places this bank among the 50 largest financial institutions in North America.

Laurentian Bank, a Canadian chartered bank, is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). The CIPF provides protection of $1M to each individual client of Laurentian Bank Securities.


McLean Capital is registered with the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers) as a portfolio manager and a derivatives portfolio manager since March 2015.


The McLean Capital Fund is an investment trust that allows you to invest in the model portfolio of McLean Capital Inc. You own the units of the Fund within your account at Laurentian Bank Securities.


Computershare is the fiduciary, SGGG-FSI is the administrator and Laurentian Bank is the custodian of the Fund. Assets are always held within your account and stay at the bank. KPMG is the independent auditor of the McLean Capital Fund.

The McLean Capital Fund is an admissible investment for registered accounts.


The Fact Sheet and Information Circular a available on demand: ianmclean@mcleancapital.ca